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Spirit Assemblies & Student of the Month

Spirit Assemblies

Spirit Assemblies are held monthly. During spirit assemblies, designated grade levels present a short program and Students of the Month and other special awards and recognitions are presented.

Student of the Month

It is the school's intent to provide a continuous program of character and social development for students. Each month a different character theme, determined by the Glendale Character and Ethics Project, is highlighted and integrated into daily lessons and classroom activities. Students who best demonstrate the monthly character theme are selected by their teacher as Student of the Month. Students of the Month are recognized at each Flag Ceremony.


Month and Character Trait 



Responsibility: Being accountable for your own actions and choices (and their consequences) without blaming others. 



Cooperation: Working together for a common purpose; being helpful by doing what is wanted or asked for. 



Citizenship: A good citizen follows rules, obeys laws, respects authority, uses kind words and good manners in ALL situations. 



Compassion: Being kind, caring and forgiving, even when others might not be. 



Respect: Treating others the way you want to be treated. Being considerate and honoring the feelings, opinions and property of others.



Honesty: Being truthful with yourself and others. Never taking unfair advantage of people. Doing your own work, not cheating or copying. 



Trustworthiness: Being responsible and dependable in all that you do. Being reliable, keeping promises, following through on you word. 



Loyalty: Being faithful to commitments, obligations, yourself and to others.



Courtesy: Being considerate, kind and polite; listening to others, and using positive language.