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Physical Education

Physical Education

A credentialed P.E. teacher provides a sequential, balanced program for 120 minutes per week for all students in grades 4-6. In grades K-3, the classroom teacher is responsible for the physical education program, averaging 20 minutes per day. A specific curriculum has been developed and all teachers have been trained in its implementation.  

Physical education equipment includes hula hoops, cones, Frisbees, jump ropes, balls in various sizes, volleyball nets, tennis rackets, hockey sticks, pucks, and softball equipment.  

As with all outdoor activities, P.E. classes are moved indoors if we have inclement weather or unhealthy air alerts from air quality control authorities.

In order to make sure students are able to participate comfortably and safely, we recommend the following:

  • Your child wears tennis shoes
  • Your child wears appropriate clothes, shorts or pants
  • Your child may wear a cap
  • Your child may bring a towel and water bottle